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Attention FSW Faculty and Staff:

Join FSW leadership for 10 minutes every Tuesday at 10am to stay informed!

This brand new 10 minute briefing will take place via webinar every Tuesday at 10am. It’s a great opportunity for FSW faculty and staff to hear a quick round of campus updates and then submit a question to be answered by the FSW leadership team. We hope you will join us each week to stay informed throughout the fall semester.

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Employee Wellness Opportunities

Better You; Boost: Transform Your Workday



Anytime, anywhere during Sept 2020 (26 minutes)


On-demand webinar, you will need internet access


Most of us spend more time recharging our phones than recharging ourselves. We are working harder and longer but refueling our brains, bodies, and spirit less and less. This presentation will outline an energy management solution, based on intentional work breaks, to transform the way you work and boost your energy levels all day long.