2+2 Pathways to Success

Destination FGCU - FSW to FGCU Transfer Program

Statewide agreement with Florida’s public universities to ensure seamless transition from FSW to a bachelor’s degree program.

As a member of the Florida College System, Florida SouthWestern State College offers its students the benefits of articulation agreements established by the Florida Department of Education. Students graduating from FSW with an Associate in Arts (AA) degree are guaranteed by the state of Florida to "have the opportunity to earn a bachelor’s degree at a state university or Florida college offering four-year degrees." This opportunity does not guarantee admission to limited access programs.

There are several amazing benefits for students who have elected to take part in the 2+2 program:

  • Affordable state college tuition while earning required general education courses
  • Guaranteed admission to FSW for students not meeting state university admissions requirements
  • A simple transition for completing a bachelor’s degree at a public university in Florida (i.e. Florida Gulf Coast Univeristy, Florida State University, University of Florida, full list can be found at: https://www.flbog.edu/universities/index.php

2+2 Resources and Opportunities